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The Minister of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dubravka Bošnjak, met with the Minister of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Türkiye, Mehmet Fatih KACIR


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Minister of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina Dubravka Bošnjak met with the Minister of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Türkiye, Mehmet Fatih KACIR, today in Sarajevo. During the meeting, it was noted that the Republic of Türkiye and Bosnia and Herzegovina have exceptional bilateral relations and successful cooperation in all areas under the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

"It is extremely important for us that Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Türkiye recognize the significance of science and technology in the development of their economies. Wanting to strengthen and develop scientific and technological cooperation, we have signed an Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Science and Technology," stated Minister Bošnjak.

This Agreement envisages cooperation through joint research and development projects, exchange of researchers for research purposes, organization and participation in joint scientific meetings and conferences, exchange of scientific and technological information and documentation, joint use of institutions for development and research, scientific equipment, and other forms of scientific and technological cooperation.

For the implementation of this agreement, the establishment of a Joint Committee is foreseen, which will coordinate areas of cooperation based on information provided by institutions from both countries and in accordance with the national policies of both countries in the field of science. Minister Bošnjak emphasized the importance of establishing this committee and its successful operation.

Particular emphasis was placed on the further strengthening ties and working on joint bilateral projects through connecting scientific, research, and technological institutions, as well as working on joint projects within the European Union's Horizon Europe programme and the EUREKA programme. Minister Bošnjak thanked Minister KACIR for the invitation to participate in the Eureka Global Innovation Summit, which will take place on 13 and 14  June 2024, in Istanbul, as part of Türkiye's EUREKA chairmanship. The summit includes a Ministerial meeting.

Minister KACIR will also participate in the work of the Sarajevo Business Forum, one of the most prestigious business events in Bosnia and Herzegovina, during his visit to Sarajevo.